PRO-WET ṤNIOCH, WIEZE Sp.J., and S.P.VETERINARIA® together in GNIEZNO, POLAND for the launching of COCCIBAL® and PIRETAMOL® (7/11/2012)

October 19th and 20th, two leading products of S.P.VETERINARIA® were launched for the Polish market.

PRO-WET, exclusive distributor for several SPV products organised a 2-days seminar dedicated to poultry and swine production.
Within the framework of the COCCIBAL® launching, Dr. Katarzyna Bobusia, ( Veterinary Faculty - University Wroclaw), imparted a lecture on the pathology, identification and diagnostic of the different Eimeria species.
Dr. Francisco Gomez (SPV) informed on the pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and efficacy of COCCIBAL® , oral amprolium solution 200 mg/ml.
COCCIBAL® , besides being an effective treatment against coccidiosis, provides the advantage of 0 days withdrawal time in meat and eggs.
The next day, swine influenza, swine pathologies linked with fever, their sanitary and economical impact was exposed. In the same context, the responsible and targeted use of antibiotics by means of the MIC system was evaluated in depth by Dr. Piotr Kwiecinski (VET-LAB Brudzew).
Dr. Francisco Gomez (SPV) presented the action mechanism and therapeutic effect of PIRETAMOL® , oral paracetamol solution 300 mg/ml, in swine breeding and different pig production stages. The practical use and advantages of PIRETAMOL® was widely discussed among the participants.

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