Launching of PIRETAMOL® in BRESCIA-BERGAMO, Italy (18/02/2013)

Unione Comerciale Lombarda, UCL and S.P.VETERINARIA® together in BRESCIA-BERGAMO, Italy for the launching of PIRETAMOL®.

January 30th, PIRETAMOL® 300 mg Paracetamol / ml oral solution for swine was launched for the Italian Market.

UCL, under the skillful management of Dr. Domenico Piccolo, is exclusive distributor for several SPV products.

A seminar was dedicated to the veterinary antipyretic drug PIRETAMOL® and its application in swine production.

Dr. Francisco Gomez (SPV) presented the action mechanism and therapeutic effect of PIRETAMOL®, in swine breeding and different pig production stages.

The practical use and advantages of PIRETAMOL® was widely discussed among the participants.

Dr. Piccolo (UCL) presented the SWOT analysis to the sales team directly involved with pig production.

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